a linguistic corruption of yozora

From Japanese 夜空 (yozora) meaning "night sky"


Yosora.com was once meant to be a website for a future business. I was so sure of myself, I would never work for another employer again! I wanted to be my own boss. And so I registered this domain. Enthusiastically I started designing and building a website. But… as with so many things in life, time went on and life got in the way of my plans. I didn’t start my own business and yes, eventually I was employed again by another employer.

Eventually it would become 2019 when I decided it was about time to have my own online place to document my memories, projects, thoughts and achievements for myself and everyone who is willing to read it. So I set out to design and build a website again. Only this time I developed my own theme from scratch, of course using the old website as inspiration.

And so here we are. Late overdue, but Yosora is finally a website to be proud of. But what is it that can be expected here? Well, the slogan of this website is “Driving my Passion“. Because I think it’s important to have passions and interests. And it’s even more important to pursue them. Therefore Driving my Passion has a double meaning for me. First of all in a literal way in the form of driving motorcycles. But also in a fugitive way, as being the driving force, in the form of travelling, technology and software development. No matter what your passions are I hope to be able to inspire you to follow your own passions.