To all the bikes i loved before

Ever since I was little I never had much with cars. Instead I was fascinated with motorcycles. This year, 2020, is the year I turn 35. This means that I already drive and owned bikes for half of my life. I bought my first bike when I was 17 (and a half) years old. Well before I was legally allowed to drive, and well before I even got my motorcycle licence. Throughout the years I had a few motorcycles and I figured this might be a good opportunity to make a post of all the bikes I loved before 😉

♪ To all the girls bikes I’ve loved before
Who traveled in and out my door
I’m glad they came along
I dedicate this song
To all the girls bikes I’ve loved before ♪

Willie Nelson – To All The Girls Bikes I’ve Loved Before

’87 Honda CMX250 Rebel 2002-2003

Honda CMX250 Rebel
Honda CMX250 Rebel

The year is 2002. In 6 months I’ll be turning 18 and I already got my mind set. No car for me. All I want is to get my motorcycle licence. And so even though I can’t even legally drive I already buy my first motorcycle. Due to young-driver motorcycle laws I’m limited to 25kW (34hp) motorcycle for the first 2 years, and so I decide to buy a ’87 Honda CMX250 Rebel.

Eventually after waiting a long 6 months I also get my driving licence and mainly start using the Rebel for home-work travel. That only meant a lot of driving on the highway. Which meant that the 234cc parallel twin engine was basically at maximum revs all the time. Therefor it didn’t take too long for the engine to wear down and to finally die with a broken crankshaft bearing.

The Rebel was a nice and comfortable bike. Nice for touring and nice for city trips. But it was not a bike meant not build for the highways.

’94 Suzuki GSX600F 2003-2005

Suzuki GSX600F
Suzuki GSX600F

After having the Rebel I wanted a bike with a bit more power so that I could at least drive more easily on highways. Luckily the young-driver law also accepted bikes that where de-tuned to output less then 25kW. So I ended up buying a de-tuned ’94 Suzuki GSX600F that later turned out to actually have a 750cc engine instead of a 600cc.

This bike turned out to be a way better fit for me and so besides the work travel I also started to drive more tours. Yet also this bike wasn’t without it’s problems. In the 1,5 years that I owned the bike I had electrical problems, problems with the clutch and a leak in the exhaust. When the bike the bike wouldn’t start anymore after I replaced the spark plugs I was done with it. I needed something more reliable.

’05 Suzuki SV650S 2005-2006

Suzuki SV650S
Suzuki SV650S

And so I walked into the nearest motorcycle dealer where it didn’t took me too long to settle down on a a brand new Suzuki SV650S. I was so proud, the first time I actually owned a brand new motorcycle. I thought it looked so cool in my favorite color blue and with the double fox eyed headlights. And besides that it was also my first V-twin engine!

Unfortunately I wouldn’t have much luck with this bike either. Only this time it would be because of fault of my own, because after only 6 months I would rear end the bike into a car. And even though the insurance would cover everything and even bought me a new Suzuki SV650S, the insurance premium skyrocketed so far beyond my capabilities that I had no other choice the too sell the bike.

’80 Honda CX500 2007-current

Honda CX500
Honda CX500

While my initial plan was not to drive motorcycle for 2 years, the heart wants what the heart wants. And so to keep myself busy I bought a non-running Honda CX500 for only 200 euro and started taking it apart. Over the span over a year I took the entire bike apart. I replaced what needed to be replaced, and preserved what could be preserved. But still I didn’t have the bike running. Even when I swapped the engine for a running one it would still not fire up. In the end it turned out to be corrosion in the dead man’s switch that prevented the bike from running.

In the years after I drove many kilometres with this beautiful bike. With as one of my absolute highlights the Route des Grandes Alpes, France in 2009. But in the years following I got busy with my own business. And one of the first things to take a hit was my time to drive myself. And so in 2015 I almost sold my CX500.

Luckily I changed my mind just before it was too late. And now I’m pretty sure that I’m never gonna get rid of this bike anymore. So I decided to turning the CX500 into my own vision of a cafe racer/bobber style bike. But since I’m not planning on to get rid of the CX I’m just taking my time for the conversion.

’91 Honda VFR750F 2018-2020

Honda VFR750F, the bike that stated it all
Honda VFR750F

After a few years of working on the CX it became clear to me that that bike wouldn’t be in any drivable state anytime soon. And so I went in search of a 2nd motorcycle. I didn’t know what I wanted to drive or what I was searching for. But by luck I ran into a Honda VFR750F, the bike that made me fall in love with motorcycles in the first place.

And so, the next day I was standing next to the bike an bought it. But I bought with my heart instead of my head. And even though I loved the bike, its looks and its acceleration it was just not the right bike for me. I leaned to much forward on my wrists and couldn’t drive for more then 2 hours before the pain would become too much. So I had too look on for my next motorcycle.

’05 Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer 2020-current

Yamaha Fazer 1000 one of the best bikes I ever owned
Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer

This time I did my research. I wanted a tourer. A bike I could drive long distances with in a comfortable upright position. And so after some searching I ended up buying a Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer. With a smooth 4-inline, 143hp engine based upon the engine of a Yamaha R1. So plenty enough of power to drive towards and through the mountains.

But with 2020 being the year of the pandemic I didn’t have many opportunities to drive yet. So far I’ve only driven to the Eiffel, Germany. Including the drive toward and back a 7 hour drive. 7 hours without any pain or discomfort. So I say mission accomplished this time. Because this is a bike to stay for a long time.

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