The idea

The bigger the annoyance, the bigger the solution must be, right? Well in my case there where a couple of big annoyances that lead to my biggest project to date. And as an added benefit I might eventually be able to combine 2 of my most favourite leisure activities. Being bored So what where those… Continue reading


Route des Grandes Alpes, France

La Route Des Grandes Alpes, 665 km of the best mountain ranges France has to offer. Bringing you from lake Geneva to the Mediterranean sea. While passing some of the highest and most beautiful mountain passes I have ever seen. Some of those mountain passes are so high that they are only open for a… Continue reading


Isla Margarita, Venezuela

It is the summer of 2000. I just turned 15 year and up until this summer the furthest I’ve ever been from home is the south of France. But that was all about to change this summer. Because this would be the summer that I would go to Isla Margarita, Venezuela. The resort At the… Continue reading