The idea

The bigger the annoyance, the bigger the solution must be, right? Well in my case there where a couple of big annoyances that lead to my biggest project to date. And as an added benefit I might eventually be able to combine 2 of my most favourite leisure activities. Being bored So what where those… Continue reading


Replacing a seat cover

Ever since I bought my ’91 Honda VFR750F there has been a tear in the seat cover. The previous owner had put some black tape over it to cover it up. But it stayed an eyesore. Therefore I decided it was time to replace it. After doing some research I found a (Dutch) company that… Continue reading


Top 3 categories shown in WordPress

On the homepage of Yosora there are 3 percentage circles. Those circles stand for 1 of the top 3 categories on this blog. They calculate dynamically how big the corresponding category is compared to all the posts published here on this site. Since WordPress doesn’t provide this by default I had to write a custom… Continue reading


Beyond the iPod classic

Trust me, I’m not a Apple fanboy at all! In fact I’m more of a Google fanboy. But I have always had a weakness for the iPod classic. Just the idea of having your entire music collection at just one press of the button. Fascinating! And then that sleek no-nonsense design and that click wheel?… Continue reading


Almost sold… My CX500

My Honda CX500, a bike wich brought me great memories. And yet after 10 years I almost sold my beloved motorcycle. Luckily I came to my senses just in time. For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about motorcycles. Even before I was legally allowed to drive I already owned (and… Continue reading


MotoCC.nl, A motorcycle webshop

It was the 10th of december 2009, the day I officially became an entrepreneur. I had opened the digital doors of my webshop MotoCC.nl just a month before that. And although people told me I was crazy to start a webshop in the midsts of a crisis, I proved them wrong. Because that first order… Continue reading