To all the bikes i loved before

Ever since I was little I never had much with cars. Instead I was fascinated with motorcycles. This year, 2020, is the year I turn 35. This means that I already drive and owned bikes for half of my life. I bought my first bike when I was 17 (and a half) years old. Well… Continue reading


Never meet your heroes

We all have them, your childhood heroes. People or (in my case) things that you’ve looked up to ever since you were little. For me it was the summer of ’94 when I meet my childhood hero, a motorcycle. That summer every single day a red Honda VFR750F with white wheels drove through my neighborhood…. Continue reading


Replacing a seat cover

Ever since I bought my ’91 Honda VFR750F there has been a tear in the seat cover. The previous owner had put some black tape over it to cover it up. But it stayed an eyesore. Therefore I decided it was time to replace it. After doing some research I found a (Dutch) company that… Continue reading